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Meet Endurance; The motivation behind the movement.

I served as a history teacher in Army Day Secondary School Calabar, there I met Endurance.

I was blown away by this little girl’s vast knowledge. Not only is she historically up to date, she was a standout student in her class scoring an average of 90% in all the subject she offered, in fact, she scored 98% in the subject I taught. Her zeal and enthusiasm towards her academics was very impressive as I could not help but pay attention to her progress. However, as I was recording their scores in the result booklet, I realized that Endurance didn’t have a booklet and this was because she hadn’t paid her school fees. It broke my heart to see that such an outstanding talent was at the verge of quitting school because of financial setbacks, hence I decided to take care of fees as I could not watch her quit. While I did this, i realized that there were many other children like Endurance in that school and community, it was against this back drop that Back to School Africa Initiative was created to cater for children who were faced similar challenges as Endurance.

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