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Tarkwa Bay Island, a slum community in Iru/Victoria Island Local Council Development Area of Lagos, is lacking in virtually everything due to government neglect. Over 50% of children in the community were out of school and those in school lacked the basic materials required for learning.

The only government primary school in the community is dilapidated and lacked almost everything to say the least. The community leadership complained that the school lacked teachers as they are sometimes forced to employ and pay individuals to teach their children out of their own pockets. 

Through the Secure the Future project, Back to School Africa Initiative ensured that a large percentage of the out of school children in the community were restored back to school and provided them with the necessary school supplies that facilitates learning. Moreso, Some members of the team volunteered to visit and teach in the community primary and secondary schools twice every week! 87 children directly benefited from the Secure the Future Project in Tarkwa Bay Island.

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