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The Ignite Africa Campaign

The Ignite Africa Campaign

We are happy to announce the launch of our new project ”The Ignite Africa Campaign”! The project focuses on granting access to quality education and care to 1000 out of school and vulnerable children in impoverished communities across Nigeria.

The issue of lack of basic education among children in Nigeria and Africa is one that has put theĀ  future of this generation under a great threat. A study by UBEC (2015) revealed that Nigeria has the highest number of out of school children in the world with over 10.5 million out of school children. This is majorly caused by the high rate of extreme poverty that is prevalent in the country. According to a report by the World Poverty Clock, 86.9 Nigerians live in extreme poverty thereby overtaking India as the poverty capital of the world. This unfortunate phenomena is one that requires an urgent action to proffer a lasting solution. Education is a basic right for every child but due to the inaction of government, a massive number of Nigerian children are left without education and care. It is against this background that Background that Back to School Africa Initiative has taken the responsibility to advocate for child literacy and child education rights in Africa, in line with the United Nations Global Goals.

Within two years of our existence we have secured the enrollment and re-enrollment of over 120 out of school children back to school and have also provided school materials to over 400 children in 4 states across Nigeria. This was achieved through similar projects such as the 50 Kids Campaign held in Calabar, Cross Rivers State in 2018 and the Secure the Future Project which took place in Lagos State in 2019. Through these projects, Back to School Africa Initiative engaged relevant change makers, community organizers, MDAs and leaders from all spheres to promote child literacy in Africa.

We therefore call on every one to join us as we take this giant stride towards securing a better future for our dear continent by providing her future leaders with the relevant academic and leadership skills so that they will can realize their full potentials and be useful members of the society.

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Back to School Africa Initiative is a volunteer driven organization that is committed to granting access to quality education and care to orphan and vulnerable out of school children in impoverished communities across Africa.

The funds raised will be used for the following;
1. Enroll 1000 out of school children back to school
2. Provide shelter and care for the homeless orphan and vulnerable among the 1000
3. Provide them with the necessary school materials supplies

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