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Chukwuma Anklin Amadi is the founder and Executive Director of Back to School Africa Initiative. He is devoted to building the future of Africa by providing access to quality education and care to out-of-school and under privileged children in vulnerable communities across Nigeria. He is particular about improving development and human capital development policies and promoting reform based leadership to eliminate socio-economic inequalities and achieve sustainable, inclusive and equitable economic growth. 

In 2018 his passion for bridging the gap existing in the African education system led him to found Back to School Africa Initiative, volunteer-based non-profit organization that is committed to providing access to quality literacy skills and care to out-of-school and underprivileged children in undeserving communities across Nigeria.

His involvement in positive impact creation and innovative leadership has provided him with access to several certified training, awards and recognition both in and outside Nigeria. 

Anklin is currently a masters degree student of Management in Berlin School of Business and Innovation, Berlin Germany and a candidate of the Nudge Global Impact Challenge, Nudge Academy, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.