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Education is a powerful weapon which can be used to change the world.
~ Nelson Mandela

Our Mission

To mobilize resources towards providing access to quality education and care to less privileged children through the provision of educational scholarships and general welfare support.

Our Vision

Transforming Africa through the provision of access to quality education to less privileged children in underserved communities to enable them realize their potentials and enhance their chances at a better life.

About Back To School Africa

Back to School Africa Initiative is a social impact organization that is committed to building Africa’s future by providing access to quality education to less privileged children in underserved communities across Africa through resource mobilization and collaboration with relevant partners and MDAs. Founded in 2018, we recognize the role of education as the most effective tool to liberate the vast majority of African communities from the shackles of poverty and retrogression. Our impact is focused on the next generation of leaders and Africa’s most important resource – her children. Through our projects, campaigns and activities, we provide scholarships, school materials, STEM education, food supply, healthcare and all forms of welfare support to less privileged children in remote communities. Every child deserves the ability to become.

About The Founder

Chukwuma Anklin Amadi is a User Experience Designer and Social Innovator. The high rate of poverty and deprivation of a vast majority of communities in Nigeria stirred a passion in his heart to start a project where he tries to place out-of-school children from underserved communities into schools. What was a pet project has now grown into a full scale volunteer driven organization.