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To secure the future of Africa by ensuring that every African child has access to education and are able to achieve their dreams.
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Together we bring back the dreams of the African child

The Erudite African Child

back2school is bringing together friends, change agents, organizations and the most passionate problem solvers to volunteer, sponsor and support a thousand more children to school this year

For every out of school and less privileged African child under  the age of 18 years, Back to School Africa Initiative stands out as a fast growing social enterprise advocating for human capital   evelopment through resource mobilization and collaboration with relevant partners for the execution of education reform  projects that promotes inclusive and sustainable economic growth.


Nigeria, one of the largest economies in Africa, has the highest number of out of school and street children in the world, (10.5 million), even though basic education is compulsory. This issue spells jeopardy for future of Nigeria because children/youths are the next generation of leaders and education is a primary prerequisite for effective leadership.


To this end, Back to School Africa Initiative was founded with the primary aim of building the future of Africa by providing access to  quality education and welfare to out of school and less privileged children in undeserved communities across Africa, improving human capital development policies and promoting reform based leadership to eliminate socio-economic inequalities and achieve sustainable, inclusive and equitable economic growth.

Helping hands

As a volunteer driven developemental organization committed to providing quality education to children in local and remote communities in africa, we are interested in improving the knowledge, leadership skills and competencies of our volunteers


Patner with us

Our Partners are those who share our vision to provide accessible and quality education for children in Africa and remote communities and are willing give a helping hand.


Our donors support our projects across communities, sponsors specific programs or events, we enjoin you to help sponsor the education of a child or group of children and support our vision.

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Donors make all the difference, you could imagine and we are always grateful and pleased to work with donors who share our vision, our values and assist us to make the world a better place


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