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The Swap Project

August - October 2020

The economic impact of the CoronaVirus pandemic on many communities in Nigeria was very horrific. Most households survived on petty businesses and farming, but these activities were crippled by the total stay-at-home rule introduced by the government to mitigate the spread of the virus. Unfortunately, this resulted in the immediate spike in the number of out-of-school children in many vulnerable communities as household income was severely affected. In a space of 2 months, more than 10% children who were in school were withdrawn in Sharada Ja’en community in Kano.

The Swap Project was our reaction to this reality. We launched a fundraising campaign for the project and received incredible outcomes. We were able to immediately intervene in the Sharada Ja’en community of Kano State and Ipaja community of Lagos State where cases of extreme vulnerabilities have been reported. The main goal of the project was to restore children who dropped out of school due to the impact of the pandemic as well as support them and other children with new learning materials for the new academic session. With these objectives in mind, we visited communities and schools across Ipaja and Sharada Ja’en where over 371 children were impacted.

Our gratitude goes to Airfunding, Street2school Initiative, and all our donors and volunteers for helping us shine the light of love even in the deepest darkness.

Kano outreach

We visited the Sharada Ja’en community of Kano State with the Swap Project outreach. Our goal was to provide school materials but due to the high rate of out of school children in the area, we took it a step further by restoring 10 brilliant children back to school and taking over tuition payment till graduation. We also visited A.A Sadiq Nursery and Primary School were 44 less privileged children were provided with school materia

Ipaja outreach

In line with the objectives of the Swap Project, we reached out to the Comenius School in Ipaja, Lagos State. The Comenius School is a tuition free school for less privileged children in the Ipaja area, an initiative of Street to School Nigeria.

Swap Project - Araromi Outreach

We love the Araromi community so much! Its like home to us and we are proud of the excellent outcomes of our impact in the community. We again reached out to them with the Swap project in which 187 children benefited.