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The COVID-19 Food Relief Program

The COVID-19 Food Relief Programme was an attempt by Back to School Africa to mitigate the impact of the Corona Virus pandemic on less privileged communities and households in Nigeria. The programme focused specifically on providing food relief and palliatives to targeted vulnerable communities. More than 60 households in 12 communities across Lagos, Cross River and Delta States were impacted.

Covid Food Relief - Asaba

12 vulnerable household in Cable community benefited from the Covid-19 Food relief outreach.

Covid Food Relief - Calabar

Four communities in Calabar were impacted with the Covid-19 Food Relief outreach. They include; Edim Etop, Atimbo, Akiba and Ikot Ansa. 20 extremely vulnerable households benefitted from this outreach.

Covid Food Relief - Lagos

Our efforts to mitigate the hardship caused by the corona virus pandemic, we provided food relief materials to the communities that were mostly affected. Araromi was our first community of impact and 18 households benefitted.