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Jury duties at the Nudge Global Impact challenge award ceremony

We’re so honoured to have participated in this year’s Nudge Global Impact Challenge grand finale and award gala at the Peace Palace! Having won the award last year, Anklin was invited to serve on the jury for this year’s award. “I’m so proud and inspired by this year’s participants and the tremendous impact projects they’ve created towards a more sustainable world” says Anklin. The keynote speech of the evening was delivered by Mr George Papandreou, the former Prime Minister of Greece who urged European leaders to demonstrate clear political will and commitment on Ukraine’s integration into the European Union.

Ukrainian army strategist Oksana Syronid received the Mary Chirwa award for being the world’s bravest female leader. “I will remain here in Kyiv at my post with the army command” Oksana told her ambassador Maksym Kononenko, who received the award on her behalf.

The highlight of the evening was the pitch session by the 6 finalists of the Nudge Global Impact Award. They all had developed incredible projects which bordered on promoting practical sustainable practices aimed at enabling a circular economy. At the end of the evening, 3 participants were selected by the jury based on one major criteria: “Who deserves the recognition to further increase his/her impact?”

The winners were:

  1. Sanne Kruid, Peter Akkerman, Ministry IandW AND Sofia Kavlin, Seedsgamela – SerendiCity (The Netherlands and Israel)
  2. Timothy Wabukoti, Kickstart International Inc. (Uganda Zero hunger through irrigating Uganda’s refugees and host communities)
  3. Anna Spinelli, Mondadori Libri S.p.A. (Italy, The ultimate handbook for today’s and tomorrow’s waste warriors)