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Sharing our objectives and impact at the Black Entrepreneurs Talent Expo in Berlin

It was a great pleasure to present our impact and objectives to a brilliant community of young creators at the Black Entrepreneurs and Talent Expo in Berlin. Anklin in his presentation stressed the need for a more structured and collaborative approach towards solving the problem of child illiteracy in Nigeria and Africa at large. In his words, “Birgham Young said to educate a child is to educate a nation, but in our case as Africans, to educate a child is to save a generation. We owe the next generation of African leaders the responsibility of ensuring that they have the best chances at the right education and skills to enable them realise their potentials”

The Black Entrepreneurs and Talent Expo was organised by the Black Aspiring Creators (BAC) community in Berlin. A group that believes in the power of coming together regularly for knowledge sharing, strength in diversity, and collaboration. BAC has built such a powerful platform that connects young creators with shared interests, and gives visibility to change-driven solutions like the Back to School Africa Initiative.