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Secure the future project

The increasing number of out-of-school and street children in many communities across Lagos State was a source of great concern. There were communities here no single child was going to school. Araromi was a great example of such communities. This was the main focus of the Secure the Future project. Our aim was to identify communities that were most vulnerable in terms of out-of-school in Lagos State and impact 200 of such children with access to education. Through the action of our volunteers and partners, we were able to reach out to over 650 children in two communities; Araromi and Tarkwa Bay. Our major impact included educational scholarships, school material, food supply, and routine healthcare through our partnership with the community health center.

Tarkwa Bay outreach

Tarkwa Bay Island is a rural community in Iru/Victoria Island Local Council Development Area of Lagos State. The community is hard to reach, underserved and very much
neglected by the government. We visited the community to see that almost every child there had no access to education. The secure the future outreach ensured that every out of school child in the community was restored back to school and provided with school materials. We also provided food and financial assistance to the most vulnerable households in the community. The Tarkwa Bay outreach benefited 87 children directly.

Araromi Outreach

Araromi is a rural community in Ikeja Local Government Area of Lagos State. As at July, 2019, more than 40% of the children living in Araromi were out of school while a large number of those who were in the school lacked basic school material supplies. In the course of the secure the future outreach, we ensured that ensured that every child in that community received school materials and facilitated the re-enrollment of those who were out of school. Also, through our partnership with the community health center, free healthcare services were provided to every household in the community. In all, 452 children and households in Araromi benefited from this outreach.